Nutrition - Unearthing the Secrets of Ancient Aztec Cuisine

Unearthing the Secrets of Ancient Aztec Cuisine

Picture yourself in the pre-Hispanic era, amid the vibrant heart of ancient Mexico, among a civilization known for its grandeur and mystique – The Aztecs. Their advanced society was not just marked by intricate architecture or robust economy; they were also culinary maestros with a distinct gastronomic legacy. Brought to life through age-old recipes handed down over generations, their cuisine truly reflects their deep-rooted cultural heritage and love for nature's bounty. Journey with us as we embark on an exploration into this forgotten world of Aztec cuisine, unveiling flavours untold and secrets preserved in history. Aztec Daily Diet: More than Corn While often associated predominantly with maize (corn), the diet of the everyday Aztec individual extended far beyond this single crop,...